Our Story

Already existing for years we like defining ourselves as “Business Oriented Geeks”. We feel fortunate, as passionate, to be lucky to do what we love: help our clients offer their market powerful and easy to use software product becoming references on their markets or helping them achieve their business objectives.

We help without any form of discrimination clients ranging from the self-funded startups to large businesses. Because entrepreneurs and CEOs have trusted us, and continue to do so, we assist today our clients in more than 47 countries in the world on IT and Business Strategy problems.

Having developped methods and practices bridging these two universes allow us save precious time to our customers who, in the background, only use technology to achieve business success.

Because we live every project as an adventure we see ourselves as common persons:

– We don’t speak “consultant” (weird language aimed at being perceived as smart by its audience but incomprehensible except by the one speaking)

– We don’t cultivate relational detachment with our clients because we strongly believe proximity and good understanding with our them ease objectives achievement

– We always perform at 200% of our capacities to make our clients trial runs true master shots

We are at your service

If you want to get in touch with us, nothing simpler, go to this page. For message sent per email nous generally reply in a business day (often less in fact 🙂 ).

If  you are just browsing our website, we hope you will enjoy your digital stay with us.

Thanks for you visit on Become A SaaSer and we hope to talk shortly with you in person.

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