Want To Distribute Your On-Premise Software as a SaaS ?

SaaS benefits for SME with a limited or non-existing IT organization and large businesses seeking to reduce their operational costs are clear. However SaaS is not a miracle solution and requires a prior analysis as well as an adapted methodology to be implemented.

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Change Path From on-premise to SaaS Is Not Risk Free And Require To Be Supported By The Right Persons

Analysis Of The Existing

We analyze your software infrastructure,  your business model and objectives you are pursuing in the distribution of your on-premise software as  a SaaS to recommend you the best solutions.

Providers Selection

We help you choose the best solution in terms of hosting, security, payment, and scalability for your SaaS Application.

Design And Build Of Your SaaS Solution

We rework your existing functional and business processes within your on-premise solution to design a target SaaS solution meeting your expectations.


Launch Of Your SaaS Software

We Assist you in real time in your SaaS launch execution to ensure it performs as expected and achieve the results envisioned.

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